• We purchase all types of Electronic waste used equipments for processing like CPU, Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, Printers, and Powerchord etc.
  • We are authorized to collect, store, transport, handle, process and recycle, segregate and sell the Recycled waste by the Government, INDIA.
  • We provide you all Documentation/ Certificate maintain compliance with regulation control board and with other Regulatory.
  • We maintain Data Security for our clients.
  • We maintain international Norms (Defined for E-waste) in processing the Waste.
  • Our Service available for all large and small clients.
  • Inspects and Collects e-waste upon paying the generator.
  • Provides logistics support.
  • Destruction, defacing service for Custom debonding and IPR (Intellectual Property Right)  protection.
  • Data Security : We have all the possibilities of data wiping and degaussing of hard disks, data tapes etc along with complete destruction of materials compared to our customers. Data Wiping, Degaussing, Destruction certificate will be provided to customers along with the pictures of the same (upon request), according to their E-Waste Materials and requirements respectively.
  • A Destruction certificate and destruction pictures (in case of request) is provided as proof of material destruction.
  • Guide customers on legal procedures.
  • E-Waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipments/products that have become obsolete because of advancement in technology or changes in fashion,
    Economic Benefits - Revenue generation from recovered materials Environmental Benefits - Natural resource conservation & Reduction in Environmental pollution
    The Earth’s natural resources are limited and hence we need to make sure that we preserve them and use them carefully